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      What happens when artificial intelligence becomes so good
it can accurately predict the future?
      Far more than a great story, this book encourages you to think and question.
Regaled as one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking books of the year.

A Novel Of Romance, Exhilarating Intrigue, International Espionage, And Real-World Science

      "Bad things happen at night. At least that is the fear planted in the root directory of our consciousness. The night brings the possibility of things unseen and unknown. We retreat to the safety of our house and bed, thinking we will deal with the monsters tomorrow in the daylight. But the future encompasses both day and night. The future is the unknown, the foundation of all fear.

      "The thing about the future is that it doesn't exist yet. How can you know anything about something that doesn't exist? How many people woke up today with a plan, and have no idea they won't live to see the sunset? Death has a nasty way of surprising us. How many people go to bed at night and expect tomorrow to be another day in their routine life? Some may not make it to daylight. Others will be surprised when their life spins out of control and suddenly travels down an unforeseen path. Such was the case for Sam Barron."

ISBN 978-0-578-39571-5
Available in eBook or paperback

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It Captures The Imagination

"The combination in Outlier of super-advanced cyber capability with normal human activity and good old on-the-street spying provides a very good 21st Century read."
                            Paul Redmond, Chief of Counterintelligence at CIA, Retired

Appropriate for mature readers.

A Thrilling Account Of Manipulating Time

      The intensity in Nancy's voice increased. "I've worked for DARPA in the past and seen all sorts of futuristic projects. I think I understand some of the implications here. Do you realize how incredibly valuable this is if it really works? The person who can control the future holds the power to control the world. This is the kind of thing that can build and destroy nations."

Sam sat in silence, staring at the document, pondering what it meant. Finally, he looked Nancy in the eyes. "This all seems unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. Who is Robert Drury?"

"I checked him out on Google. He's a professor of astrophysics at Oxford University in England. News articles say he was recently murdered."

"Murdered!" Sam gripped the table. "And people are chasing you?"

Comment From the Publisher

      A riveting start to Penny Lane's new novel questions how far a person will go to keep a poor decision from sending them to jail and ruining their life. The action morphs into a thrilling tale of romance meshed with the suspense of espionage that travels from the halls of Oxford University to the CIA and the White House. Sam Barron is called to save the life of an attractive woman he met under extraordinary circumstances. Things get complicated by the discovery of a mole in the CIA and an imminent threat to the president of the United States. But all this is a sideshow to the real problem of dealing with the discovery of a successful new use for artificial intelligence. A discovery so dangerous it could change the world as we know it. This book gives an intelligent preview of a rapdily developing technological capability. We are convinced you will find it fascinating.

What Is The Second Derivative?

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